Hearing aid evaluations

We have access to the best Audiology products at varying levels of technology and cost. We are thus able to provide an individualized solution based on your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your preferences and budget. There are different hearing aid styles available. The style of hearing aid is determined by your hearing loss, size of your ear canal and your preference. Your audiologist will give you information about the different hearing aid styles for you to make an informed decision.

The following international hearing aid brands are available at Hearcare Plus.

Hearing aid fittings

The fitting of the hearing instruments takes place approximately one week after they have been ordered. We allow enough time (approximately an hour) to ensure that the aid fits comfortably, it is programmed to the optimum settings and the sound quality and volume are satisfactory. We patiently give you proper instruction in the use and care of the product. A follow-up session is usually booked for one-to two weeks after the fitting session.


Hearing aid Trials

Hearing aid trails are available and can be discussed with your audiologist

Hearing aid cleaning, re-tubing, repair and services

Cleaning and re-tubing can be done at the practice. Your audiologist can send your hearing aids to the relevant hearing aid manufacturer for services.

Hearing aid adjustments

Today’s hearing aids can be adjusted if your hearing, needs or preferences change. This way it is possible to give you a clearer or more comfortable sound quality.

Hearing aid batteries and other accessories

This include hearing aid batteries (all sizes), rechargeable batteries for rechargeable hearing aids, domes, wax filters and tubing.


Wireless hearing solutions

Most hearing aids have wireless technology that provides consistent wireless performance while streaming sound from cell phones, TV, music and other media- either directly, or via a wireless interface